The girls LOVE to paint… Lucy pretty much asks to paint every day.  Of course we can’t always fit it in, but none the less, she still asks. :)  Now that Abigail goes to school and has art class she understands what job I had before having kids, and she asks that we do the things that I used to do with my students.  It must be a combination of baby brain and just the fact that it’s been several years since I’ve taught art, but I just couldn’t remember many projects.  So, I looked through some of my old idea books, and things started coming back a bit.  We mixed our primary colors and created our secondary colors then we used the paints to make a fun “Underwater” painting.  First we painted a piece of plastic wrap blue then we layed our paper on top to make a print that resembled water… next we used our fingers to make the fish and other things that could be found in the water. Lucy was cracking me up… each time she made an underwater creature that she didn’t like she would turn it into a rock.  I had to refrain her from turning all of the fish into rocks.

(The hearts on string are what we had made on Valentine’s Day in a previous post.  I just thought they came out pretty so I decided to add them into this post. :) )

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3 Responses to Art

  1. Gram says:

    What an ambitious art teacher mommy! The girls must’ve loved it!

    Hey when I click on a photo to enlarge it so I can see the detail it gets really large. Too big, really. Can that be fixed?

  2. erik says:

    I’ve resized the photos. Patti typically posts the original photos, then I have to go back and resize them. So if you check shortly after she posts I may not have updated them yet.

  3. G and G says:

    Patti you are amazing !! What a wonderful thing to share your love of art with your girls!!

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