David and Samuel…Best Buds

Born two weeks apart my niece’s baby and mine are destined to be best buds. :)  … even if they look nothing alike!

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3 Responses to David and Samuel…Best Buds

  1. Amy says:

    I love the photo of them holding hands!
    And, I love Samuel’s wispy long hairs on top. Chloe had those too and I thought they were so cute. :)

  2. G and G says:

    Precious photos of our grandson Samuel and great grandson David!!!!

  3. Kerrie Anne says:

    I love these photos. They look SO cute together! I think they are destined to be best buds ;). It will be so neat to watch them both grow up. I wonder what they’ll think of us making them hold hands when they’re older… lol.

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