Counting UP to Christmas (Part 1)

A little bit late, but this is a brief sum up of our “Count Up” to Christmas this year!

Each day of December we open a pocket.  Inside is either a family activity to do or a tiny trinket…

Among the activites was… making chocolate dipped treats for gifts,

Taking pictures of one another (I think the girls are doing their “Rock Star” impersonations here)…

(A kiss from sisters under the mistletoe).

Decorating a tree for the birds (more like a feast for the squirrels!),

dressing up fancy for dinner,

 And making gifts for teachers.

Here the kids are waiting for Santa to come down the street on top of the Fire Truck.

Here come the candy canes!

After helping me wrap all of Daddy gifts one day, Lucy said, “Now I need to do my gifts!”

So she went up to her bedroom and “Christmas shopped”!  She chose a beaded jingle bell necklace that she had made in preschool for Abigail, a tiny stuffed teddy bear for Samuel and one of her books for Daddy.  She drew me a family portrait, but wanted me to have it early so she gave it to me right after completing it.

Here she is with her gifts all wrapped.  She was very pleased that she too was now ready for Christmas!

An afternoon visit from my Mom’s dear cousin and her granddaughter (visiting from Holland!).

Lucy’s school Christmas concert…


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