Almost done

Guys were back again today.  The outside panel and trim were installed.  And a new window sill.  The remaining cabinet hardware was installed and all the doors and drawers were adjusted to line them up.  The under cabinet “light blocker” was also installed.  Only thing left is electric fixes and backsplash.

IMG_1577  IMG_1584 IMG_1579  IMG_1586 IMG_1585  IMG_1582 IMG_1580  IMG_1581

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3 Responses to Almost done

  1. Barbara Wanaselja says:

    Love the handles. I also like the sneak peak of the setup in the corner of the dining room. Are the cabinets all filled or is there still some empty space? Take some pix in the dining room and living room, please. It’s looks great! When are they coming back for the tile?

  2. erik says:

    The cabinets are mostly filled, but we do have some room left. They aren’t packed.
    If I remember I will take DR and LR pics. Patti did paint in the LR, but neither room has baseboard trim, so it’s not completely finished looking there. The electrical fix up is supposed to happen sometime this week and then the back splash can be done.

  3. Pop and Grandma says:

    I love the way they did the outside trim! Very attractive and cleverly done.

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